Money Back Policy

Money Back Guarantee up to 30 Days

For some products and services we apply the following money back policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your money. Please keep in mind that not all products and services carry a generic money back guarantee and some products do not offer any money back guarantee. Consult the following table to obtain the information that varies according to products and services:

Product / Service Warranty period Refund cost
Shared Hosting Linux plans 30 Days -
Shared Hosting Windows plans 30 Days -
Cloud Hosting plans 30 Days -
STARTER Wordpress Hosting plans 30 Days -
VPS Server plans 7 Days -
CodeGuard Backup plans 30 Days -
Premium Email & Enterprise Email Hosting plans 30 Days -
Comodo SSL Certifcate plans 30 Days -
Domains .AU, .ME 1 Day USD 1.00
  • Refunds are always made by the same means that has been used to make the payment. We also accept refund to the customer account for use as credit in future purchases and / or renewals if expressly requested.
  • Refund administrative costs in USD (if applicable) will be calculated in EUR at the time of cancellation request
  • Addons such as SSL support, dedicated IPs, SAN storage, CPU and RAM, cPanel and WHMCS licenses, as well as any other type of Additional Add-on do not carry any refund guarantee and will not be reimbursed.