CodeGuard Website Backup

Automated change monitoring & website backups in the cloud

  • Automated Backup & Restore
  • Backups On-demand
  • Website Time-Machine

Daily Monitoring

CodeGuard automatically monitors your website(s) everyday. If a change is detected, an alert email is sent with details of what was added, modified, or deleted with a timestamp.

Automatic Backup Service

CodeGuard in the back end is very similar to the popular GIT Repository system. When CodeGuard website backup service is activated, your website is scanned and a GIT repo is created in the cloud.

Easy Backup Setup

CodeGuard website backup installation is extremely simple - all you need to do is use SFTP and MySQL details to connect to CodeGuard and the website backup monitoring process will kick in immediately.

Easy Restore Setup

You can restore your website or database to any previous website backup version. Download a zip of the contents at any time to keep an offline backup.

Robust Encryption

CodeGuard Website Backup Service secures your backups with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption which is an industry-standard and is used in most modern encryption algorithms.

Mobile Access

View and track database as well as website backup details from the comfort of your mobile device.

Your questions, our answers

CodeGuard is a website backup service that focuses on best practices to protect customers’ data. Passwords, databases and website backups are encrypted and secure connections are utilized if needed. Annual vulnerability testing is conducted by another agency to check for a data breach or successful hacks.

Yes, Informática Ferraro covers a Money-Back Guarantee for CodeGuard Website Backup Service plans!

Yes, as per your needs, you can switch between CodeGuard plans anytime you want.

Yes, you can. However, we suggest that you upgrade to a higher plan, if you have a requirement for multiple website backups.

All website backups are stored on AWS Simple Storage System, known as S3, storing redundant copies of data across multiple geographies and facilities. It is one of the most reliable data storage systems.

You don't need to do that with CodeGuard Website Backup Service.

You would need the following information for CodeGuard:

  • Website URL
  • Hostname/IP Address
  • SFTP/FTP Username
  • SFTP/FTP Password
  • Port Number
  • Root Directory

Yes, we do. You have several options to back up your databases and CodeGuard Website Backup Service can connect directly to your MySQL database.

Not sure which CodeGuard plan to choose?

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