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Select the SSL Digital Certificate that best suits your needs. All certificates can be managed with our Control Panel and all Comodo Certificates includes a trusted Comodo logo. We offer money back guarantee for the first 30 days. 24 x 7 support is included and we help you to get your Certificate correctly installed. For any questions please contact us via our Contact form. We will be delighted to answer your questions.

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Comodo Positive SSL

1 (www) Static Trust Logo Unlimited FREE DV 99,9% Up to 10.000 USD
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Comodo Positive Wildcard

Unlimited (www, shop, host, etc.) Static Trust Logo Unlimited FREE DV 99,9% Up to 10.000 USD
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Comodo SSL

1 (www) Static Trust Logo Unlimited FREE DV 99,9% Up to 250.000 USD
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Comodo EV SSL

1 (www) Dynamic Trust Logo Unlimited FREE EV 99,9% Up to 1.750.000 USD
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What is SSL?

SSL Certificates enable data encryption on the internet and allow data to be transmitted securely from a web server to a browser. With SSL, your website can use the https protocol and will display a padlock in end users web browsers to indicate the connection is secure.

Although all SSL certificates use similar methods to protect and validate your data, the level of trust and assertion they provide varies. Standard SSL (Domain Validated) Certificates are the easiest and most common type of SSL certificate. OV and EV Certificates also authenticate the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate providing more trust to end users.

EV Certificates offer the highest level of validation and trust, and will show the name of the company or organization in green in the address bar. This is an immediate, visual way that viewers can know that extra steps were taken to confirm the site they’re visiting – which is why most large companies and organizations choose EV certificates.

SSl Certificates

Your questions, our answers

SSL Certificates are an essential part of the internet. They not only encrypt communication between your computer and the server where a website is located, but they also provide verification that a site is what it claims to be. Additionally, the worlds most popular web browser Chrome from Google has recently announced that from July 2018 all websites offered without HTTPS will be marked as not secure and will be highly penalized for Search Engine Optimization.

Getting a Comodo SSL Certificate has two major advantages:

  • It encrypts the information sent from your user's browser to your website
  • It authenticates your website's identity
By doing this, a SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn, increases their trust in your business and your website. This is important if your website requires users to log in using passwords or sensitive information like credit card information.

There are 2 different levels of vetting that SSL Certificates are based upon. Domain Validated (DV) and Extended / Enterprise Validation (EV). The major difference between the types of certificate relates to the information the Certificate Authority Comodo requires and validates in order to issue a certificate. The higher levels of certificate require more information, and often is displayed in the browser bar. EV SSL for example turns the browser bar green and displays the organization name to visitors to generate more trust.

Domain Validation certificates are generally issued within minutes or hours, after whois domain data verification and owner approval. Enterprise Validation certificates are usually issued within 2 Business days but can take up to 7 days or more as Comodo will request you to provide Business verification documents and finishes the process with a phone call verification.

Yes, Comodo SSL Certificates are compatible with almost all desktop and mobile web and text browsers. To ensure compatibility, please remember to install the CA Intermediate Bundle included with your SSL Certificate.

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