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.futbol 1 year €10.59
.es 1 year €7.49
.com 1 year €9.19
.net 1 year €11.79
.org 1 year €11.39

FREE DNS Service for your Domain

Register or transfer your domain now and got this service totally free of charge!

Pricing FREE with Domain Register and Transfer
Requirements Register or Transfer your Domain with us
Control Panel Included and easy to use
Supported Record Types SOA, A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SRV and SOA
N° DNS Records No limits
Support for IDN Domains Yes 100%
Support for Round Robin Yes
Child Nameservers Yes

Features of our Managed DNS Service


Valid for IDN Domains!

Our "Managed DNS Service" is ready for all IDN - Internationalized Domain Names. More information about IDN is available at

Child Nameservers with your domain

Through the control panel you can setup your own Nameservers for your domain and use the DNS servers with your domain name such as,, and This configuration is optional and not required. You can still use our provided standard DNS Servers and manage your Domain DNS Zone.

Control Panel DNS Interface

Over 90% of all web hosting providers does not offer an interface for complete dns record management. With our Managed DNS service you will have unlimited dns records! Do not rely more on third parties to change a DNS record. Do it yourself, whenever and wherever, in real time without loss of time and money!

Full control over SOA, A, AAA, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT (spf) and SRV records

You can add, modify and delete all DNS records through our innovative web interface. All changes are instantly reflected on all DNS servers. Moreover, you can also change the TTL (time to live) rather than by overall record and modify the parameters of the SOA.

Zero time for propagation and changes in your DNS zone

Our DNS servers are designed to reflect immediately the changes to all DNS servers without the need to reboot or refills for zones! The time to spread is almost zero!

16 Nameservers in 4 clusters to guarantee 100% availability and reliability

A study and analysis on hosting companies have shown that the majority does not distribute or offer adequate DNS service for domains due to lack of resources, mismanagement and lack of experience in this field. A study by Men & amp; Mice on 5000 randomly selected .com domains has shown that 38% of all DNS zones are in one subnet, thereby increasing the high risk of failures. DNS failures can cause lost up to 48 hours, even after DNS service rehabilitation because of questionable practices to cache DNS data that some internet providers often use to save resources and bandwidth. Our DNS distributed architecture was created by the best experts in this field with a rigorously planned implementation into our systems to ensure that there is neither a single point may fail to resolve names to IP. Therefore we can guarantee 100% uptime with our DNS service.

Round Robin Support

Most often used for balancing between web servers and geographically distributed. Round Robin is a simple technique to perform load balancing between 2 and more uncontrolled servers