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Domain Pricing

.futbol 1 year €10.59
.es 1 year €7.49
.com 1 year €9.19
.net 1 year €11.79
.org 1 year €11.39

FREE Domain forwarding for your Domain Name

Register or transfer your domain now and got this service totally free of charge!

Pricing FREE with Domain Register and Transfer
Requirements Register or Transfer your Domain with us
Control Panel Included and easy to use
Domain Masking Yes (HTTP/1.1 200)
Domain forwarding without Masking Yes (HTTP/1.1 301)
Support for IDN Domains Yes 100%
Tag <title> customizable Yes
Tag <noframes> customizable Yes
Metatags customizable Yes

Features of our Domain Forwarding Service


Valid for IDN Domains!

Our "Domain Forwarding Service" is ready for all IDN - Internationalized Domain Names. More information about IDN is available at

Fast and maximum performance

Nobody beats the speed of our Domain forwarding service. Stability, reliability and high availability guaranteed.

URL Destination invisible

With our Domain Forwarding you can activate / deactivate the option to mask the destination URL so that it always shows at all times the URL of your domain.

Easy to use Domain Forwarding Interface

The vast majority of domain providers does not offer an interface to manage your domain forwardings. With our service you have the ability to manage domain forwarding in real time and any modification is applied instantly!

Optimization and support for all browsers

You can customize the contents of the header to use any type of <META> and <TITLE> in order to improve your search engine positioning. You can also work with <NOFRAMES> to maintain compatibility with older browsers that do not support frames and thus offer an alternative HTML content for these browsers!